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Physical therapists are experts in movement.  Physical therapists are trained in the proper movements of joints, muscles, and the integration of movements necessary to perform a task.  A physical therapist can perform movement assessments including walking, running, throwing or other sports-related activities for optimal joint positioning to reduce or prevent injury. 

Our Philosophy

At Focus on Function Physical Therapy, our philosophy is that all aspects of mobility must be observed and considered in the cause of an injury, from strength and range of motion, to foot, ankle, knee, hip and spine position in standing and walking, muscle functioning during activities, and overall function of the person.  You will never be seen as "a knee" or "a back" at our clinic.  The specific joint that has been injured is not always the source of the problem, rather is often the joint that picks up the slack for weakness or lack of range of motion elsewhere.  You can correct the symptoms, but until you correct the source of the problem and assess the functioning of the body as a whole, re-injury will likely continue to occur.

What to Expect

During a physical therapy evaluation for an injury, the PT will assess joint range of motion, mobility of the joint itself, muscle strength testing, assess for tightness of particular muscles, assess posture, walking, and other tasks that pertain to the specific injury.  Treatment typically consists of manual therapy, during which the physical therapist is moving and manipulating the joint, muscles and other tissues to improve mobility, decrease swelling, and stretch tight muscles.  Therapeutic exercise is a combination of stretching, strengthening and endurance exercises that optimize the function of the muscles for full return to activity.

Physical therapy is helpful in addressing many conditions including: back and neck pain, headaches, joint pain, tendonitis, bursitis, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, total joint replacement preparation for surgery and post-surgical rehabilitation, ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff repair, difficulty walking, generalized weakness, overuse injuries, and deconditioning due to medical complications.

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